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Visual Arts
Bruce Andersen
Robinn Lange's MINDPOWER Memory
Improve Your memory, Improve Your Grades
Robinn Lange presents fantastic Memory demonstrations of the seemingly impossible. After witnessing these feats Robinn then shares his secrets with everyone in attendance with great insight and details. Your students will be amazed that they can apply Robinn's methods and witness results in just a matter of minutes from learning them.
Bruce Anderson
The Robinn Lange Hypnosis Show
Discover The Amazing Abilities Of The Natural Power Of Our Mind
America’s top school Hypnotist Robinn Lange will have your audience laughing hilariously in this amazing, safe and natural showcase of the power of the human mind. Audience volunteers become the true “stars” of the show as they demonstrate the abilities of MINDPOWER. The ever-growing popularity and curiosity of Hypnosis makes this one of the most unique shows available today. It can be hosted as entertainment for school events or as an Assembly featuring a variety of motivational and self-empowerment messages. The ultimate reality show!
Cliff deMarks
Showtyme Jazz Duo
Jazz Group
Smooth Jazz recording artist from Atlanta, GA. Husband/wife duo that will perform along with product demonstrations.
Joseph Ferri
Bubblemania and Company
Bubble Mania and Company offers educational, entertaining parties and programs on the science and fun of soap bubbles for children of all ages. We provide our interactive programs for schools, preschools, daycares, private parties, companies, libraries and more...

We make big bubbles, small bubbles, square and triangle bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, bubbles that bounce on other bubbles and more...

Kyle Tiernan
Drawing Secrets Revealed
Draw-Along School Assemblies
Your students and staff will complete three, refrigerator-ready drawings during this amazing how-to-draw assembly.
Michael Oakes
(707) 643-7819
"It was everything I hoped for. You were enthusiastic, incredibly prepared,and blended our history curriculum with performing arts. The children loved learning about historical characters!" - Jenny Walsh, Teacher

Professional actor/scholar Michael Oakes researched in Italy to create this powerful portrait of the artist, engineer, and scientist, complete with sumptuous costumes, sets, and music. The Master recruits apprentices, and the audience plays an edu-taining riddle game, "De-Coding Da Vinci"! Grades 3-12. 707-643-7819. liveoakes@liveoakes.com, www.liveoakes.com

Karen Koziol
California Clown School
Clown Assemblies
We are working to enhance confidence, teach business skills in a fun way, and show the children that with small changes they can make the world a better place by teaching peaceful attitudes using laughter.
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