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Grace Soeter
Healthy Families International
Be Smart, Eat Right
"Be Smart, Eat Right" is a fun interactive 50 min program for elementary schools teaching kids how to make wise choices in what they eat. Puppets, drama, games: Officer McHealthy, Junkfood Gangster, Nutrition Spy kids,Guess the Sugar game, Traffic Light Eating, Nutrition Jeopardy Game. Educated 10,000 children already.
Christa R. Shelton
H.E.L.P. for Youth, Inc.
Through a series of fun, interactive and informative skits, we will take students on a journey into understanding science of the body. We will demonstrate the importance of being aware of the functions of the bodily structure and how their actions can positively or negatively affect them now and as they grow! The Body Talk! show covers the Circulatory, Digestive, Nervous and Skeletal systems of the body.
Gator Rivers
Gator Ball Academy, Inc.
Sports Training Motivator
We assist individuals with self esteem. We have an anti-bullying tour going on.
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