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Russ Peak
Russ Peak - Teen Speaker & Entertainer
Magic Of The Mind
Russ Peak is California's favorite magical motivator. When you will bring Russ to your campus, your students will experience a high-energy and fun assembly with a powerful message.
John Mallory
Bully the Longhorn Bull, Geddy the Gecko & Holy Cow
Bullying, Drugs, Character & Multicultural Dances Performer
4 times on NBC with Regis Philbin, "Brilliant" Simon Cowell, "Terrific" Kelly Ripa, twice in "People" magazine: Minimum $2000 = 3 shows, additional shows $500. Multicultural Dances or Environmental Show with Geddy the Gecko, Bullying, Character, or Drug Dangers with Bully the Bull and Breakdancing Holy Cow. 43 states since 1995. (954) 924-0218
Lindsay Gold
Adina's Deck
Adina's Deck: Media and Programs
Adina's Deck leads assemblies for 5th-9th graders about Cyber Bullying, Online Predators, Internet Safety, and Cheating/Plagiarism. The program is based on the award-winning film series and travels Nationally.
(831) 429-1936
Theatre of All Possibilities
HEROES People Who Make a Difference
"A+ Everybody's raving about it! I was absolutely moved and so were the kids." Nancy Wagner, Resource Specialist

Heroes are everywhere! Visit extraordinary people from history whose achievements have touched our lives and discover the heroes everywhere around us who daily strive to make the world a better place to be even heroes like you and me! A pre-show rehearsal incorporates students from your school to star on stage alongside professional actors! (K-6).

(831) 429-1936, info@toap.org, TheBestSchoolAssemblies.com

Courtney Macavinta
Respect Rx
The Steps to Respect
The Respect Rally is a four-hour conferencefollowed by a 24-session curriculum (The Respect Keep It Going! Kit)that empowers teens and young adults to boost self-respect and spread respect for all through The Steps to Respect.

The Rally is based on our best-selling book for teen girls, "Respect: A Girl's Guide to Getting Respect & Dealing When Your Line Is Crossed", which has been featured by CNN, National Public Radio, USA Today, Glamour, Teen Vogue and others.

Karen Koziol
California Clown School
Clown Assemblies
We are working to enhance confidence, teach business skills in a fun way, and show the children that with small changes they can make the world a better place by teaching peaceful attitudes using laughter.
Daniel Chan
Dan Chan Magic Man
School Assemblies and Speaker, Magician Dan Chan
Dan is one of the few magicians who can handle any audience. That is why he's sought after to perform across America at educational and motivational school programs, assemblies, grad nights, universites and colleges. One of the biggest problems students have is bullying. As a motivational speaker, coach, and consultant Dan will inspire and enable your students to overcome adversity and develop confidence and carry it into your community.
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